Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We did it! (Moved in)

On July 1, 2010, I moved to a rental house in Tempe with Anthony and Jenn. My friends that Anthony was supposed to live with bailed (financial aid issues) and so he was going to have to find randoms or stay at his dad's house another year. Considering he slept in his can or on a couch every night, I could not let this happen! So Jenn was forced to make the wise choice to move in with us. I was extremely excited to move in with Anthony, and also a little apprehensive. It took a grand total of about two weeks from when we "decided" to live together to when we moved in to this house. It happened so fast! I was sad packing though, finding all sorts of cute or ridiculous childhood things. Anyways, when I casually mentioned to my mom that we found a house to live in and that Anthony's dad would cosign for us, she flipped shit.  As did my dad.  Thinking about their Catholic, Mexican roots, I am shocked that their backlash wasn't any worse! That means they must really, really love Anthony.(They do).
                Basically, my mom is the one who injected me with the fear and apprehension I felt. I was overjoyed before! She was concerned that we were moving too fast, and that living together would completely ruin mine and Anthony's relationship. She said we'd get too used to each other and that he would get bored. Things like that. I told her if we moved in and suddenly  started acting completely different and hated each other, then better to find out sooner! Although it seemed like the most unlikely thing in the world, aside from my mom suddenly buying me a horse, naturally, I started worrying. What if he doesn't how puffy my eyes are when I wake up? What if he doesn't like how long my showers take in the winter? What if he barges in on me pooping?! Ha, up until then I had carefully cultivated the idea that girls simply do not poop, or fart, ever. Then my mind raced to the future. I thought of a friend from high school and how obese she got after living with her boyfriend. (In retrospect, I'm sure her obesity started BEFORE they moved in, but whatever. I was not thinking logically). WHAT IF I GET OBESE?! Or worse. What if me and Anthony BOTH became obese as a direct result of living together, and the obesity was so bad that we couldn't have sex, and then we became one of those nasty, sex-less couples. Oh, and childless too, of course, because you need to be able to have sex in order to make babies. Then we'd die of multiple organ failure in our early 40s, if we were lucky.  Maybe this is a bit dramatic, but someone had to think things through here. Moving day came. As I mentioned, it was July. In Arizona. Yes, we did call before and got the utilities and water turned on, only they wouldn't do it the day before. So, they said utilities and water would be turned on at some point that day. We arrived with our first load of heavy shit in my dad's truck. It was 95 degrees INSIDE THE HOUSE, no breeze to speak of, and the water was not turned on till several hours later. Miserable, miserable, miserable. Honestly, if we survived that day without turning on each other, we will survive ANYTHING.
                It did not take us very long to move in. We got most of our furniture for free, and we have so much of it! Not a tacky or obscene amount of furniture, but we have enough to fill every room and even a two seater couch on the back porch, along with plastic lawn furniture. This house is fantastic. It is old though, and not a cookie cutter house. Our A/C had issues the first month, but after two visits they decided to stop dicking around and fixed it for good.
                The first month I went through a flurry of emotions. I was very pleased to say the least to be out "on my own" and to live in a HOUSE. That's such a luxury for college students. The silly thing is, I am paying a lot less in rent and utilities than my friends living in apartments closer to campus. The best part is, an Orbit bus (free shuttle service) comes TO MY STREET and goes to ASU.  When I wasn't feeling pleased though, I was in A STATE OF UTTER FEAR. You mean...I have to pay bills now? Wait so, I have to buy groceries? IS THAT HOW MUCH TOILET PAPER COSTS?! Holy shit. Sheer terror.  I vastly underestimated the costs of living "on my own".  It's the little things that got to me; things like toilet paper and the fact that we went several weeks without any fruits or vegetables. When the fruit basket doesn't magically have fruit in it, I don't particularly want to drive to the store and spend money on fruit that might not get eaten. And getting ONE of something is just silly. Perhaps, this sudden withdrawal of daily fruits and vegetables contributed to my crankiness that month. It became apparent to me that first month how people allow themselves to eat unhealthy. When you're on a budget, you opt for cheap shit that will keep you full,  instead of nutritious, expensive shit. I gained weight. Let me rephrase, I gained fat. On top of previously being ten pounds lighter, I also had WAY better muscle tone. As in, I had muscle tone.  It was July in Arizona and even when it gets dark it still feels miserable outside. I quit my job when we moved, so basically I had no physical activity. AND no classes. Nothing to do+ shitty food= FAT ATTACK! Sometime between the end of high school and the first few months living in this house, I gained ten pounds. TEN. On a short person, it shows. I felt pudgy and ugly and not in the least bit sexy. I had some kind of medical appointment or some shit where you get weighed first thing that was eye-opening. I'd been lying to myself to cope, thinking that all through high school I thought I was fat, even when I wasn't, so it probably wasn't as bad as I thought. I laid my purse down and even took off my shoes to get weighed, and there was no denying the little numbers that cropped up. I can't attribute ten extra pounds to "water weight". So, naturally, I thought the scenario I had foolishly imagined earlier WAS COMING TRUE!!! Ten pounds seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. Shit. I knew simply restricting my diet wasn't going to do the trick for such a ludicrous amount of fat loss. I was going to have to exercise.
                Exercise and I used to be best friends. I used to have dance class, or the gym. Unlike most people, I LOVE THE GYM. Then, it happened. My left foot decided to take a break (haha, get it? It was a stress fracture...). Doctors decided to DGAF all day.  Then, after several months of taking on all the responsibilities for both feet, the right foot decided to bail on me too. Doctors: continued to DGAF until I showed up crying with two useless feet. Result: bone marrow edema. What this means? I had a pretty good excuse to not exercise. But it was either going to be foot pain or dying of obesity. I chose the first only AFTER I attempted to sweat all my fat off by sitting outside with plastic bags taped to my body. (Don't do it. It...doesn't work, and you could die).
                Okay, so aside from the junk food and crippling fears about money, I discovered something else. Cleaning! I've never been a dirty person. Disorganized? Yes. Dirty? No. But now that this was OUR house and not our parent's house, Anthony and I obsessed over the kitchen for a while. It's true that it does NOT stay clean very long. I mean, we cleaned the other rooms too. But the kitchen was our biggest enemy. Even so, there's only so much time a person can kill cleaning. So what else did we do? Honestly? I have absolutely NO idea. I wasn't looking for a job because Martyna had supposedly found us a job. I met with the guy and everything only our jobs wouldn't start until August. It seemed too good to be true, and it was. I wasted all that time doing nothing when I could have been working or looking for a job. I think Anthony experimented with cooking a lot, which was pretty great. Just because our ingredients weren't GOOD for you, doesn't mean they tasted bad. Everything was delicious.
                After about two weeks of settling in we went to the pound and got kittens! Fry and Leela. They are hysterically funny and probably what kept me sane during the hot, dull summer. My mother's worries did NOT come true. Anthony and I are doing wonderful, and moving in together only made everything better.

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