Friday, July 12, 2013

Prove Me Wrong- I Dare You

I would like to believe that all people, but specifically that all young adults of my generation, know that the world is bigger than Facebook, that life is larger than themselves, that the relationship between any other individuals will never be understood by anyone else, and that our perceptions of people, events, distance, time, space, love- are just that- perceptions. Through my wanderings, travels, moments of bliss and the many moments of sheer terror, insanity, crippling sadness, and naive foolishness in the last several months, I learned something big- to stop trusting the people who ever blindly take my side AND to stop trusting and depending on people who will never admit and face their own mistakes. People who take sides or jump to conclusions are great when you're a little kid and lack confidence...Which I admit, I was. It's easy to just go with it, it keeps you from feeling alone and keeps you feeling like someone cares about you- but being alone does not mean you are lonely, and just because someone isn't constantly talking to you or siding with you does NOT mean they don't care. It's usually quite the opposite. There were many people who listened and offered support, and I thank every one of you. This is not about that though. There were a few, well quite a few but still in the minority, who tried to understand more than just one point of view, be it mine or anyone else's. They are the ones who tried to see the different points of view and talk through an issue instead of just agreeing or disagreeing with ANYONE. Life is not black and white, it's everything in between. It may seem like I "lost" a lot of friends, but they were never truly my friends if they did not show me the same respect as strangers showed when dealing with interwoven, impossible ideas and events. I did alienate myself from many people, and I did so purposefully. There is nothing to be gained from negativity except for a short-lived sense of smug superiority that will fade relatively quickly as life continues. I gained EVEN MORE real friends, reconnected with inspirational family and friends from the past, and bonded with strangers over their acts of generosity towards me and their respect for others, even those they do not know. This... love for life comes with a certain level of maturity and I am by NO MEANS there yet,but I definitely strive to be there and to be like these individuals by living with no regrets- which includes saying things out of anger, despair, fear, or saying things just to say things. I have had...a rough...time. Today was so difficult, physically(*moving alone) and emotionally(*sadness while moving alone haha) and my hope in humanity wavered. That made me more sad, so I said "fuck humanity, I'm going on a walk alone in my city with my music and loving it"- and I did! Next time I might choose to bring pepper spray or a knife as security, but  I had a great walk and turned the day around at the end. I do not recommend my particular methods of cheering up if you're a female alone haha but you know. Make yourself proud of yourself. Love yourself so you can appreciate and LOVE other people for who they are, NOT who you want them to be and definitely NOT who you perceive them to be. If someone has only something negative or only something positive to say about someone- well, chances are they will speak that way about you too the second you do something they perceive as wrong even when it does not affect their daily lives in the slightest. Who cares what "they" think, what she thinks, what he thinks, or what I think?!? Who cares?!

Then...Who actually cares?
Who do you care about?
Yourself, probably...but 
Do you care about "them"? ALL of "them", as much as they "care" about you?
Most people don't really care that much, I sure don't. It would be utterly exhausting to care about too many people. BUT life is about finding those who do. After my life experiences since high school (and recent events ha),  I know that absolutely... NO ONE  knows how bad life was at certain You don't you won't and you can't.  However!!!! I guess no one else knows just how INCREDIBLE it has been at many, many points since high school, either.  :)
There's a quote I always liked but too drooled-on (fry...) to check but it kind of goes like- 'be kind to everyone, for every person you meet is fighting a hard battle". Love. Laugh. Drink. Dance. Try to understand dissenting opinions and do not hate the unknown. I'm starting to remember why I loved Europe, Germany, and specifically Hamburg so much. People loved freely and looked at life as one great romantic adventure- which it is! Come on Tempe, I fucking love this city even though I never admitted it. I came back, and even with my insane love of Hamburg and the people there, I thought I might love Tempe and the people of this American city more. Maybe I don't. I'm trash-talking, lowering expectations. So. Are you going to prove me right? Are you? I dare you to prove me wrong, Tempe. Prove me wrong, young Americans. Prove me wrong young, and grown, adults. Please just... prove someone's negative expectations wrong. Yes, YOU, prove someone wrong tomorrow. Prove people wrong a year from now. Make sure you prove yourself wrong sometimes, too- It feels fucking incredible! We can each choose to reach for happiness, seek positive experiences, surround ourselves with positive people, and to prove people wrong. The alternative is to cower behind our own fears, to wallow in self-doubt, denial, unyielding prejudices, and this...this is cheating yourself of laughter, happiness, and beautiful memories. Others will never feel it the same way you do, "they" will not care, really, if you prove them right. If you succumb to hatred and that smug sense of moral correctness or superiority that gossip're only hurting yourself and "they" still have you around. They only start paying attention when you do something different...then when it seems that you might prove them wrong, some may start squabbling...keep going......almost there..........then, when "they" have all revealed themselves slowly but surely....well then you get to prove them ALL wrong.

***Ninja edit*** I know you know this song, I do too, and LOVE this video! Just for funsies.  <3

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