Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm the MOST awkward, embarrassing person I know

Also, "embarrassing" and "exercise" are the two words that I can't EVER spell correctly. One day, I just KNOW my life is going to depend on spelling one of those two words, and I will get it wrong, and then flying spaghetti monster will devour my soul in order to keep his noodles fresh.

"Turn the camera on, and you're alive again!" Haha this was ACTUALLY one of the worst days of my life. Definitely in the Romi's Top 5 Worst Days Ever. Actually...it might be number 2, after May 22, 2012... I was BAWLING minutes before, and my roommate asked if I was okay and then she told me the best thing anyone has ever said when I'm really, truly crying that hard. She didn't pretend like she could cheer me up, or blatantly lie and tell me it was going to be okay like everyone else. oh no. Thank God she didn't, I would have bitten her head off. She said, "Romina, you look like a rockstar" "what?" "Yeah, with how the mascara is running down your face, you totally look like a rockstar". So I actually smiled, like a genuine, rare, Romi smile and ran to my room shouting Pink's "SO WHAT, I'M STILL A ROCKSTAR"
Then I re-did my makeup and I made this video, this is the only take. I posted it when I clearly shouldn't have been making these sorts of decisions for myself, but I am so proud of it because I know what a wreck I was minutes before  ;)
I know I SUCK at singing, that's why I'm went into acting...I think all actors secretly want to sing but we have been repeatedly told we suck at it, so we pretend to like acting more.

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