Tuesday, July 9, 2013

James Dean, Meet Luna.

Here's a story I just made up! It's really silly, but I'm in a silly mood. This would totally never, ever happen IRL...to anyone...ever...because the real James Dean died a long time ago and Luna is just a character in a lot of my stories...  ;)
 Here goes:
She was sorta punk rock, he grew up on classic rock.
Luna hadn't seen James Dean in years. They were never formally introduced. Rumor has it he's a good boy that only goes for bad girls. Rumor has it she's a heartbreaking bitch. The moon was full, the hot June sun merely an excuse to stay up all night and have a kick-ass time in the bright desert Town that never sleeps.
"Who is the new girl?" 
"I don't know."
"Is she a random?! "
"She made small talk earlier, she said her name's Luna. I think."
"Did she come with anyone? "
"I think she came alone. We might have gone to the same high school. She danced I think? idk. she kind of disappeared when she went off to college. She's in town for the first time since, visiting family. I think she lives in LA now or something. She's kind of a bitch."
"Hey, I noticed you guys staring at me, I'm Luna, enchantee. My friends were supposed to come with me but they bailed. "
::big smile:: Hi, I'm Regina, and this is Aaron-"
"Great, do you guys know that guy?"
"::confused:: ummm.. you mean James Dean....the host of the party?"
"Oh, I know his name. I meant...what's his story?"
"Uhmm well we have all known each other since high school...James is a fun dude, he's pretty funny, we're all assholes so please don't be easily offended uh-"
"All assholes, huh? I guarantee I'm the biggest bitch in the room-"
"Aaron, you forgot to say James is a musician!!! He's spectacular!"
"Oh really...So he plays music, huh?...What kind of music?"
"You just missed it, he was playing all of his songs for us! Maybe he'll play-"
::Cuts off Regina mid-sentence:: "Gotta run! ride's waiting! BYE!"
"What was that?!?" "What a psycho!" 
"Aaron!!! Regina!!! Mere! Round two of SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS"

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