Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Luna's Ludicrous Life Lesson #967

I have learned to love my shit show life for now sometimes, but really?! This... sucks.
" Luna's Life Lesson #976": Don't follow your dreams. They don't mean jack shit without family or best friends. If you are homeless, penniless and so alone that skydiving, getting arrested, fires, and motorcycles sound  mildly entertaining- take a pause. Whatever it takes for you reach your personal "nadir", a fancy sociology term for rock bottom, just try not to die please assholes and ask for help one more time. You will see that you had some incredible, unexpected humans to lift you back up when the floor dropped out. If there really aren't, talk to strangers. Talk to all of the strangers!!! That's what Europe was for me out of necessity at first, to be honest...and now I can't live like this, how I lived last year. I wish nothing ever changed because I would be so content right now...but I am a different person now thanks to the last year. I would trade any material crap for the chances to talk to strangers every day and visit everywhere there is to visit from here to the moon. When I'm in motion, I'm usually the most happy. I need a home base to return to though, and I am more in love with my busy sleepless, desert college town than I have ever been. Your heart can stop at any moment. Be happy as often as you can. It is a choice. Don't sit around waiting-Nothing is going to just happen. Be proactive and laugh and remember that ANY moment can be the last. Would you prefer to die happy or...?

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