Monday, August 26, 2013

"Stand There and Watch Me Burn"

"It's okay.
Because I love the way you lie."
"Slutbag". "Bitch". Descriptive words some might use. You can pick which one of you is a little bitch and which one of you is a huge slutbag. Maybe both are both. Who knows. I certainly don't know you.
As you can see from the screenshot of your FB wall/timeline/, she knew that you are married. Clearly she was aware of that little detail, because she posted that NOT EVEN TWO MONTHS BEFORE YOU TWO SAINTS FUCKED EACH OTHER.  My HUSBAND and I were in Europe, celebrating our one year wedding anniversary. With the money my mom had to die to leave me. Sweet, right? Do you know how much guilt I have over how I ended up wasting the money my mother left us? Anyways I gave you sooooo soooooooooooooooo many chances since you started doing the little bitch boy silent treatment and telling people crazier lies or whatever it is you tell them when you aren't talking about me.

This is not right.*** ONE month before you had sex I was still going to have your kid. Seriously. No better than anyone, worse than anyone I know. Especially because it's ME you're treating/treated like this. What the hell? Weren't you so crazy about me and in love and would do anything to "protect and defend" me. Hades did NOT send his wrath. NOT TO YOU. Nothing fucking happened to you. You ditched your only source of concern, me, in EUROPE....then kicked the same source of concern, your wife, out of her home days after she had a miscarriage at 15 weeks. She was in hell at the time. She was in more physical and emotional pain than she could handle. And you made her move alllllllllll of her shit from the past 4 years out of her house. Alone of course because she had no friends by that point.

THEN you went on that vacation that you were supposed to go on with your wife for your 5 year anniversary. OH right, but that was AFTER you had sex with the most horrible bitch I can imagine. I honestly could not ever do that to another woman. How do you live with yourself? It's going to happen to you. OHHHH I hope it does. I take back my previous statement. I would make another woman feel like this, you.
At least the last girl came and told me about it.

Not even 2 months after this screenshot. Before he broke up with me because, oh right, he is too big of a coward to break up with me. He still hasn't. Before I even had a phone again and before he and I could communicate. START to communicate. Everyone told me to leave him alone. Leave him alone. Leave him alone. So that he would have enough time to cool off and then we could talk and start working things out and be fine. I left him the FUCK ALONE during the miscarriage when I fucking needed physical help, emotional support. ANY KIND OF FUCKING KINDNESS FROM ANY OF YOU.

Everyone left me.
Or screamed at me.

That is why I'm all fucked up, crazy, dark, twisted, forever unable to trust or love another human being.

I hate what you people did to me.

Fuck off, everyone who hasn't been there to listen to me. To give me a hug. I hope you die in a fire. I love you, but I also hope you die in a fire.

I'm off.

EDIT @ 5:03a.m. 08. 27, 2013*** to add parenthesis so I don't get sued.Great job on that song Rihanna and Eminem!.... but also to clarify for the dim-witted folk Aunt Petunia's of the world:
Yes. "Jessi" in the screenshot, the girl who posted "I am so worried! Find your wife!!" on May 15th...that's the sweet, honest, kind young woman who was just there being innocent and before she knew it...woops! Sex! Sex is suddenly and without any warning occurring inside of me. hahaha sorry, I crack myself up.  Clearly, none of the blame could possibly be on her. Or him, right? This is my fault, my doing, I totally willed this to happen. Yup, that sounds about right....I'm so sorry you both had to suffer through that... -_-
Furthermore, Jessi's only ever been into women. Ladies. Girls. Fellow vagina-owners. Apparently she recently got out of a very long and serious that started around the same time that mine started with A....hmmmm.....
I'm not mentioning that she's a lesbian as some kind of a character flaw, or to judge her the way a lot of people on this side of the world judge sexuality. I'm just making a factual statement. I make factual statements the majority of the time, and people say I'm an asshole. I most definitely am, but aren't all scientists assholes?
I only mention it to illustrate how ludicrous the sentiment is that their relationship has more inherent value already than ours did. That that one will work out, they'll always be perfect and in love, for years and years, maybe even for forever! They'll fill up 20 or 30 memory chests instead of my measly one chest....Anyways I think we all know I'm kind of into women too. If I decide to sleep with a woman though, let's just say I'm not going to start calling myself a lesbian...because I've only ever been into dudes. I'm straight. If I want to experiment I can, and I will, and hopefully I'll have a ball...but I will want men sooner or later because I was born "straight"... I like relationships with dudes. I like that they already come with I don't believe you choose your sexuality, I believe it is a spectrum, and you should listen to yourself. If you believe in God, then do you believe he would make such a huge mistake, and then repeat his mistake that many times? With humans as well as with other animals?
I don't.
I digress (as usual). Sorry,I'm beginning to suspect you may have to be ADD as well to understand me, ever, haha. So, I love gay people and I hate home-wrecking Bitches. I think that's the main take-home message here.

Luna Romina


  1. It sounds like he's been a coward the whole time. You weren't perfect either, no one is, but you've been more than patient. Sounds to me like there's something he should have spoken up about a loooong time ago. And still hasn't. Truly it's fucking cruel that he still refuses to speak up about his thoughts and reasons. Just because you may not agree with what he says, doesn't mean it won't give you some peace

    1. Yup, yup. I've been saying since day one that seeing other people, sleeping around, whatever he may want to do and will do, is fine. Just do not lie to me. Do not take me for a fool. Show me the respect and patience I show you. Have a conversation with me. DO NOT try to protect my feelings. Others trying to protect my frail womanly feelings is how I get hurt the most.
      Thank you, I love you forever!!

    2. Ummm I sound super harsh, by the way, but I am TRYING to say I accept these "flaws". I accept being young and foolish and making bad decisions. That's how people grow. I don't love anyone who is perfect. I love you, perceived flaws and all. When I love someone, they are pretty much perfect in my eyes. This applies to friends, family, and lover. I am the MOST flawed person I know, I make the most horrendous mistakes, I make assumptions, I often lie, I fall down A LOT, I usually look like crap, I play with fire AND *I get burned*. That means I am no expert in fire-ology.


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