Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Seriously? Break up with me in person. Grow a pair, and come do it. Before you go back to fucking. You Are Ending a Marriage...is it Supposed To Be Pleasant? It makes you "uncomfortable" to have to see me to end our marriage!!!! I'm glad it's just a bit of unpleasantness for you. It makes me want to shoot myself, claw my heart out of my chest so I can squeeze the life out of myself and make it stop hurting. I am told I am not supposed to do that. Fry, if you want me dead so badly, and hate me so fucking much, and I was so horrible to you for five years, and I was just the worst wife and girlfriend on the planet, then kill Fry. Then I can go in peace. While she lives I can't abandon her. I know what it feels like to get abandoned. I don't want to put anyone through that. Even a cat. Do something. Shoot her, shoot me, break up with me, DO SOMETHING. Stop choosing inaction. I want to leave and you are NOT LETTING ME. Let. Me. Go. Or tell me you won't. Something needs to happen before I really do go blow my fucking brains out, because of you. You make me crazy, love makes us fools. Isn't that the premise of every song ever?
It clearly won't work out. Not because I didn't try. No, I do not want to be married to you if that's all it takes for divorce. WE WERE BEST FRIENDS. You were friends with ALLLLL of your exes. Be friends with me. *yes I want you in my life forever, but I can't be around like this, and simply put you don't want me. You haven't wanted me for a long time. I understand. I don't like it. I understand. At least be a mature, adult man, who was old enough to propose marriage. Be mature enough to have a conversation. Tell me the truth when you speak to me. Answer my questions directly, don't beat around any bushes.* Bon soir mon petite pomme de terre.

True Love <3 the kind Pink sings about though..haha

Last day together.
This one is just to see who is paying attention.
Text me the word "Tangelo" if you saw this, anyone. ;)

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