Sunday, September 1, 2013

Carmen Video

Remember how we changed some words in that other poem? Just a few words? Yeah. Hmmm. My post "Breakable. Breaking. Broken" should fill in one of the key words here for you....
I also was so shocked that that post did NOT get the most views ever. It just goes to show I was right. People are more interested in gossip and charicatures than real people. In the Breakable post I confess the hardest thing for me to confess, ever. I thought it was a shocker...maybe I wasn't as smooth as I thought. Anyways, you should read THAT one and ALL of them before coming to me saying you're totally there for me and love me and this and that. Otherwise I'm going to be a bitch.

Have a wonderful night!
Oh yeah, no pity please. I fucking love the life I have lived. Until May. But, you know, I'm told I'm pretty fantastic and crazy amazing so let's see what crazy fantastic things I will do now.
I'm free. For better or for worse, I don't know yet.

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