Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lana Del Rey - Live - Heart Shaped Box - Hamburg - 6. April 2013

Really, life? So there's Lana del Rey, singing Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana...IN HAMBURG FUCKING GERMANY!!! :D
I'm so stoked. soon as I can haha F this S! I knew I should have stayed... or in this case I guess I need a time machine, but still. I could have caught her somewhere else.
Haha good thing I got my plane ticket before I was a broke ass bitch.   ;)

Okay gonna go obsess some more.... WE WERE IN THE SAME PLACE!!! I was empty that day...and sunny and I was PISSED because I couldn't do ANYTHING because I was limited by a man. Haha. God. Listen to me. My family is full of raging feminists apparently and we didn't even know it until my trip.

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