Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Motive Revealed!

Bye, Basically. You now know some pretty personal things Blogstalkers. I'm just running away now, is all.  I won't post for a while. No one reads this anyways, right?     hehe    <3

Everyone has a motive. It is my job to figure out people's motives. If I can't figure out your motive, you scare the living daylights out of me. We ALL know silly Roho loves to play with fire. Dancing flames hehe. So, you intrigue me, as well. I rarely get challenges....They're fun, and thrilling, and leave me breathless.
Do you want to know my motive?

It starts with an F.

No....not Fucking...although that would be nice and also not gonna happen I guess. Haha sorry, TMI?


A real family.

I made one. I chose one. People who live abroad do not count. That's extended family. I wanted my own. I wanted Americans. I wanted non-Catholics. Really, non-religious-extremists. I wanted open-minded individuals as family. 

Confused? It's pretty obvious, I thought. Yet...the only other person I've met with the exact same...motive...similar story...was the first person in a while whose motive I could never figure out. I wanted to trust him. Something told me I should, but I couldn't without knowing his motive. I felt that way until he told me himself that his motive in life is family, and he knew mine was family, too. We see each other. We understand. All because we get it, we get the reasoning behind each and every action. When he said the stuff at first I was like...holyshitareyouaspy? Haha In the acting world, if you don't figure out your characters motive,,,,you can't do a great job acting out that character, I'm afraid. I don't trust anyone until I think I have them figured out, and I usually do have them figured out. Unfortunately. Humanity is just nasty. 

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