Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Trustworthy Animals

Animals I Do Not Trust:

  • Dogs: They're too happy! They're always like "OMG I'm a dog I'm a dog I'm so happy to see you...I'm a dog! BARK BARK"
  • Cats: Need I say more? They murder for fun. My cat makes me take her on walks then she finds the one patch of dirt on the cement and rolls around in it. She always looks shady as...a palm tree.

Animals I Trust:
  • Sloths: Why, you ask? Well...have you seen pictures of baby sloths? Also, I heard they only urinate once a week so they're pretty low maintenance. They look happy but they aren't like throwing it in your faces, like hyenas.
  • Hyenas. They're going to eat your little lion cub babies and they just laugh about it! They're cool, just don't bring your lion cub babies when you socialize with hyenas. 
  • Pusheen

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