Wednesday, September 4, 2013

**Update 3.0** More of a Real Post Now...WARNING: Bits of Story May Have Been Ommitted

Just to keep everyone updated. My darling father, best father in the world and all, trespassed to recover his truck instead of just coming to see me. I was waiting for days and he didn't even say he was here or anything. His buddies with the metro maintenance crew must have let him in "the usual way" again. So, of course, I had dozens of errands to run and was left stranded. I'm used to it though. I'm still sick. There's a HUGE lump under my chin and my throat is covered in nastiness and I was downstairs trying to set up a doctors appointment (I need to use the phone in the lobby to make calls). I checked my email first to discover that I CAN'T GO TO THE DOCTOR. If I die....this is REALLY not my fault or my intention, you guys. Seriously in pain. Remember how I BEGGED my Facebook friends for HELP yesterday and the day before? Yeah I'm pretty sure I meant I needed physical help. I couldn't get up to get food. I couldn't get up to come downstairs to use the phone. That's what I meant when I said "I need food" "I need medicine" "I need help". Not one person asked, a few people sent me the saaaaame bullshit suicide advice emails which, by the way, if I was about to kill myself would have really made me do it. I wasn't though, I was about to die from sickness and pathetic helplessness and sadness because I was sick and no one was around to help or even cared in the slightest. No more Facebook for me!

*Let's see....if you turned on the news this morning maybe you witnessed a cool  gang bust, no names were released when I was watching, but over 20 (potentially horrible)  people were taken into custody. One was the owner of whatever apartment complex they all were. Currently...there appears to be some shit going down in Tempe. Apartment friends Vampires  whores drug dealers aaaalllll agree, and it's seriously NO SECRET the Grigio is some sort of hub, likely being closely watched, and everyone knows about the very obvious official-looking dudes and about the sluts  that took over our lobby haha it's cool.
Earlier was exciting:
Police cars flew by. Then the SWAT team black van thing. The men who had been watching me for days doing their jobs and never eye fucking ANY of the classy ladies here out went flying by too, some in the opposite direction. Hmmmmmm.....

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