Sunday, October 27, 2013


This is my eleventy-first post. CELEBRATE!

Last night I had a perfect night. I...stayed in, for one. I was thinking about getting baked baking muffins, and writing, when I started reflecting on Einstein's theory of relativity and space/time travel. I was only half joking about that time machine. It's not how you think though. It's a slow-down-time machine and it goes in one direction.

Um. I forgot my journal upstairs, but I want to write about my ideas. I swear. Basically, I need to go visit the jet propulsion lab at ASU on Monday, and the people in the MARS building and stuff...Yeah.
Asteroid mining really opens up a lot of possibilities
Then I thought about parabolas and how if the limit never approaches anything the limit does not exist. More about time travel, how the people aboard the vessel would stay forever young kind of, at least for wayyyyy longer than anyone on Earth as the explorers cruise at half-light-speed to the Goldilocks planet I was thinking about, later. That's all stuff for another day, another post, after more research, and when I'm not half-baked. 

You can say it's a lazyyy Sunday. 

I was bored earlier and practiced writing backwards on my mirror. If anyone walked in on that they might be concerned. Especially since as I was writing the rave music stopped and the DJ exclaimed: "
THE DEVIL IS YOUR DJ TONIGHT MUAHAHA" and I proceeded to giggle like a maniac...yeah...sometimes I wonder about myself...only sometimes. ^_^

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