Monday, October 28, 2013


Halloween is always such an overwhelming time in life. I never know what to be. It's not that I don't have any ideas, I just have too many and I'm too ADD/fantastic to just focus on I end up collecting pieces for like 10 different costumes. I just want to wear all the costumes at the same time. This is exactly the reason I wanted/want to be an actress. The costumes. Pretending to be other people. I went through Supergirl, Queen of Hearts, pirate hooker, pirate, fairy pirate, princess pirate, masque-d pirate, fairy princess, zombie fairy princess, black swan, incognito black swan...pirate black swan? I'm just going to throw some shit around, put that rotten red in my hair and see what I end up as on Halloween. 
I stopped my impending panic attack at the choices when I reminded myself that every day is Halloween for you, you bitch. ::breath::

Then I turned to a pumpkin spice latte hippie smoothie and my radio for comfort. "Burn", by the talented Ellie Goulding, started playing and then I could breath and walk home without any near-death experiences.

Oh yea....french fry cheeseburgers are a thing now. I feel like my life is less incomplete than before with french fry cheeseburgers filling the void....


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