Wednesday, October 30, 2013


  • 3081) I really want to take vitamin DAMN with you again, but I'm secretly afraid of a goodbye so I wait.
  • 800)Sometimes I get really depressed for seemingly no reason and I run out of the room, just drop whatever I happen to be doing (usually a collage or coloring), screaming "BORN TO DIE!"
  • I understand this may alarm anyone in the vicinity, but I am just referring to the Lana del Rey album. It cheers me up.
  • 799) I overheard that Bubbles...just bubbles...and the Magic 8 Ball are being introduced to the toys hall of fame... Nirvana IS GOING INTO THE ROCK AND ROLL ONE THOUGH. That's ALL that matters. ...
  • 2009) Socco Amaretto Lime by Brand New is one of my favorite songs ever, ever. I listened to it today and instead of singing along I cried from jealousy of myself. Of my 18-year-old self. That's how vain I am. When I get bit by the green envy monster, it causes intense feelings of jealousy for past miis. 

TL;DR: I either sing or cry if a song is playing. PICK YOUR POISON!. 

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