Saturday, October 26, 2013

EARTH AND SPACE exploration

Yesterday I went to a talk about ANSMET, a meteorological studies thing at ASU where you go find meteorites in Antarctica and have the coolest time for like half a year with astronauts and mountaineers. The speaker informed us that the difficulty was that some of the people in the 12 person team had never even handled meteorites! I was like... "WHAT I handled loads of them last year, I've got some at home!" Then they did a test on identifying meteorites and I got them all. Soooo.... Antarctica.... The planetarium show informed me of the comet that will be brightest around Thanksgiving and then it...sort of...whips around the sun. It's tail chases it in and then it chases its tail outta here. It may not survive the sun encounter, but if it does we get another view of it on December 26ish, and possible meteor shower when we pass through its orbit around January 15th.
So uh. There's some excitement to look up for.

OH YEAH! I heard about the open house thanks to Meg, affectionately known as the Mars Mom at ASU, from back in the day when I used to play as a NASA intern. I got to see the scale replica of the Curiosity Rover. Did you know many of the cameras were designed AT ASU?!? I did. I used to watch a live feed from Curiosity on my down time at ASU my Junior year. I usually phoned my mom and we'd talk for like an hour or two then I would go back to just playing with fossils and meteorites and earth's precious metals.
NO BIG DEAL. I'm JUST A GIRL. In fact, I'm not even here typing this right now. I am not here. What government? Vice President who? What? Speaker? House? No idea.
SHHHH. I'm just an illusion. A dream, if you will.

I caught up with Meg and I was relieved beyond belief to hear how happy she was that I chose to take the semester off for my sanity...I told her about some of the pranks and the Screen Actors Guild/ AFTRA aspirations (pipe dreams, it would be crazy, madness, INSANITY, if any of it were real.) and I told her about some of the pranks and shenanigans that go on here at the Grigio. She said:
"Oh yeah, that's happening and it's going to keep happening".
I was half elated and half terrified.
In entirely unrelated news, I miss the days when new unreleased music and like a million remixes used to ninja their way into my laptop and my life. I should take care of that so I can enjoy everything my family has to offer...
I am also missing one shoe from each pair. I know this sort of thing happens though, but I thought I would share.
My house didn't get egged. It got salted. Literally. Recently. They left a note. Hahahaha. FU!

It's okay though. The others took care of it. Just figments of my imagination. I don't have any proof in my room or anything. That would be so so so so so strange. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to say that I do not, in fact, control the airwaves. I know it seems like I do sometimes, but... come on. Be real. One person having that kind of influence is madness, and whoever believes that needs to be locked up. STAT! 
I never believed in magic. Nope. 

JK. Totes do. That's besides the point. Hey, you, Anthony,  do you remember that time we were listening to the radio and said "do you believe in magic" at the same time as the radio? -_*

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