Thursday, October 24, 2013


pretend I'm drunk as you read this
Okay so it's getting a little confusing to say Family #1, #2 and #3, so now it's First Family, Birth Family, and The Chosen Family. I just want to blend them all together, but they're being naughty and stubborn as fuck. For example, my husband hasn't come to sign his membership card, so he's just the air. Somewhere.

 I want us to go to the Jingle Ball together, but I'll need an answer by December. (your AMC card is in my wallet, FYI). I understand if he...doesn't want to sit with me at these events. He needs to make up his mind though, because once I sit with the big kids, there's no going back. He's invited to the party, of course, because he's my husband and everyone just adores him. ...

I like...dates. Friendship dates, though. Like in Pulp Fiction, when Mia Wallace gets a foot rub and then someone gets thrown out of a window. So anyways, I'll go on a date when I'm bored, and just like magic, I get something shiny, or a new gold card pass, or something platinum, or more air time.
Je pense que...
It's time to up the ante, people.
 Well...hold up. Gotta be careful with what I say. I'm going in a good-girl direction. One single direction at the moment. I'm trying so hard, but it's like when Lisa was a vegetarian and her mother would sneak beef broth into her meals. It's like that...just...different. ^_^
Mommy and daddy want me to eat meat, though, damn it. So...I was all sorts of scattered before, when I was...vegan...However, now that I'm eating meat and pizza and icing my drinks, I find that I'm getting enough protein.
 I'm all sorts of here. 
I even started to cook and clean. I thought I was sick or something. Who does that sort of thing?!? Apparently I do, now. I invented some college ethnic-fusion recipes. They involved a lot of ramen or tortillas with BBQ sauce. The BBQ was the American part, if you couldn't guess.

Back to Never Ever Land. La La Land. Wonderland. Heaven. My Kingdom. Whatevz. The Room of Requirement has it all. 

Remember folks, you're not trolling me. I've been trolling you. 

I wonder if Reddit knows that my birth mark, the one featured in the vevo video for "Wake Me Up", is like...their icon. 

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