Sunday, October 27, 2013

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Shenanigans: on. 



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(05/21 - 06/21)
Some fun people are coming into your life today, and they are going to turn what could be a typical day into a very interesting one. Try to get involved in their shenanigans as early on as you can. They're on to something good, and you should find out more about it. They could use a bright, witty person like you on their team, so step up and volunteer! It might not be a day full of victories and accolades, but it could easily be a day full of laughter and smiles.


Everyone takes you seriously today -- which is both frightening and exhilarating: Exhilarating because you just might find your wild idea actually taking shape, and frightening because -- well, for the same reason. Be brave, Gemini -- speak up!


Being yourself at work is a luxury. Face it, you have to be Self-Lite when you're in the office. Let your hair down and be yourself today.


Keep the mood light and fluffy today. It will be easy for you, and it's one of those days that pretty much demands good but quiet times. The big issues can wait for another day.


New-to-you flavors and foods fill your day, which is perfect. If it's one thing you dislike, it's being bored in any area. Try making the Lebanese flatbread saj. It'll be a new and interesting experience.

Home & Garden

Though heavier foods may tempt you, try to satiate yourself with light things today. Think teacakes rather than hoagies, or frozen yogurt rather than a banana split. Small adjustments to your food intake will reinvigorate you.


This is a perfect time for your young'un to put their ideas into action. They've been planning that big Halloween party or special costume for a while now. Once you help them get things started, there will be no stopping them.


You're seized by inspiration today -- and then you act on it! You feel totally at ease with your improvisation skills, so if everything starts to collapse under you, it's still easy to land on your feet.


Up until now you could only watch out the window and fantasize about chasing the school bus, but your ideas will get put into action if you slip out the door this morning. You'll be lucky if the bus driver is as kind-hearted as your owner.

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