Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Really Random Remembers

So... I went through my bag of "remember when"s from Daisy and Martyna. I had just cracked open a Fanta, so that plus the memories had me in tears on the bathroom floor. THEY WERE HAPPY TEARS! I like to spend quality time with my mirror, so I like to chill out in there wayyyy too often to be considered healthy.


I thought I would share some, not just for those two (ALTHOUGH I HOPE THEY ARE READING. SUCK ME DOWN, HOES)
We love each other, I swear.

These are in no particular order.

  • Remember that time we kidnapped Martyna for her birthday and she lost her iPod?
  • Remember the 30 times we kidnapped Daisy because her dad had her locked up, according to her?
  • Remember when she needed back X-rays every week?
  • Remember at 16 strampling, smoking, and negotiating ecstasy prices when her mom called and she just said, "GOD MOM, it's not like we're doing anything bad!"
  •  Daisy, remember that crazy spree we went on and then we had to flee to a bra store and have Nike pick us up to avoid incarceration?
  • Remember when I almost picked up an innocent black girl walking to school because I thought she was Martyna?
  • Remember the Easter event and how we wore bunny ears and secretly pretended we were Playboy the family...easter...event....
  • Remember that time I had to be Dora the Explorer for some acting event and I threw my back out on nothing the night before and had to work the event high off my ass? Greeeat photos.
  • Remember that time at Wiener when those kids would try to take pictures of me through the drive-through window and I didn't know why? I thought it was the pink hair. 
  • You know how I always get people dressed...differently...who look really shocked to see me, like they already know me from somewhere somehow? Happened most in Europe. There, they would ask me "who are you?" then point to photos of Clooney and Thurman and I was like "idek dude I'm just here for the food".
  • LIKE IDEK WHO GAVE ME A FOOT MASSAGE but thank you...stranger..................... xox
  • Remember when my dad brought my bran cereal signifying that it wasn't a date?
  • Remember radio?
  • Remember the creepy "Tell" donkey that showed up from my childhood, random as fuck, and then we thought up the most horrifying/loving prank ever? 
  • Remember how we spent an inordinate amount of time for two married adults playing with fire, candle repairs, wax drizzles, gauging out toys eyes, and just being creepy together?
  • Remember how everyone loved your Halloween costume? Mine sucked though. 
  • Rainbow. Greenery. Fruitti tutti.
  • Remember how I laughed when you "got hard" in the car...oh that sounds wrong. It all sounds wrong. lololol
  • Remember how we made a one-day turn-around trip to San Diego and we somehow managed to find the time to pull over....... .....................................................................
  • Remember how I think I took care of the President's dogs at Tailwinds sometimes? Just a theory. Could be exact model dogs.
  • Remember....remember....the 5th of November. THE GUNPOWDER TREASON AND PLOT. For there should be no reason that the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot. 

Fireflies= aircraft
Diamonds= stars 

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