Tuesday, November 26, 2013


::gets hacked::
::disjointed nonsense sent to friends and family::
::gets labeled insane::
::buys a plane ticket::
::works ass off for 5 months::
::moves to England::
::illegally marries a redhead::
::finds out he's a Prince::
::hilarity ensues::

So, that's my new novel summary so far. I understand that what I am writing is fiction! Fiction means fake! That's what writing with your imagination produces!

On a completely unrelated note, I have decided my future...well, a small part of it. After much thought, therapy,  and deliberation...I decided that to make things easier on myself I will be using my already-purchased Lufthansa ticket to move to London, England! I don't know how long I will be there for. At least for the long, summer months. By that point I'll probably have made new friends and found new people to call family, and I'll love my jobs...so, maybe I'll stay there forever, or hop around countries visiting aaaallllll my cousins. I met with my acting agent, Ruth, yesterday and it went incredible! I love her and the actor community soooo much. She even said Dustin considers me a little sister, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Yes, these are real human beings whom I have interacted with since I was like 15 and auditioned for her for the first time (didn't get in until I was 18 and had gone through a crash course in commercial acting from Sandy Gibbons at John Robert Powers). They, and my dreams, are not figments of my imagination. My resume is not a figment of my imagination. The people who I met this summer when I stayed out for like a month are not figments of my imagination. You want their info, I've got their cards motherfuckers.

Have a nice day! ^_^

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