Friday, November 22, 2013



So, what is:
  • vampirestat
  • livecams
  • yandex
  • tattooofbadass (too many o's? whatever, too lazy to go back and check)
Should I be worried?
Why can't I click on livecams?
Why so many redirects?
Why the gibberish languages?

What are this?
 Why do I get told to "enjoy your moment" by strangers every time I go buy anything?
They're usually like, "you never know, each day could be your last". Is that a death threat? It's totally a death threat, isn't it?


In other news, my therapist (Molly Dean, she's amazing, omg, go to her. "A New Path" in Phoenix.) told me to write a book. Everyone keeps telling me to write a book. I want's just...hard.
I just want to take all my diaries to a publisher and say, "here, have at it".
Only, I haven't actually written about what's happened in like a year. I write about my feelings and jokes, but, I realized looking back that I never write about what I actually do do. doodoo. hahaha
I just want to tell my stories, in videos. They sound less dramatic that way because of my ridiculous facial expressions. Tomorrow I'm west-siding it and getting that other webcam so I can tell all about jail. It's hilarious. The story is everything I hoped for, and more.
Unfortunately, I have court next week.
Fortunately, I wasn't actually stealing wine from the golf shack so....

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