Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dramatic Turn of Events

Holy fuck.
This shit is PAINFUL!

Remember when I was all like: "the doctor said I sprained/bruised my ribcage!" and "breathing hurts lol"

Yeah...I severely downplayed how much pain I'm in. Also? The doctor LIED. Or...didn't think to poke my kidneys because I was acting so nonchalant in the office. kept getting worse, and worse, and worse...until I was sure I was going to die hugging a cat. I thought of things my gravestone would say like "She died as she lived- ignoring her problems until it was too late." Or..."She died hugging a cat, so no one feel bad for her." I knew it was bad when I had BOTH of my cats laying with me and they weren't even growling at each other. So...the night after THAT madness, I went in to the doctor again. She started touching my ribcage, which hurt but stabbing demon pain I was having...then she squeezed...right under the ribcage...and I...died. Well, I screamed and almost started crying and I was like "YOU MADE THE STABBING COME BACK THANKS A LOT!" and she laughed, then told me I needed to call people and find someone to drive me to the ER immediately....
So, I helped Keegan get out of work and he drove me to the ER. Mutually beneficial friendship, I think. THANKS KEEGAN!!!
Then my dad met me there.

It was kind of nice, actually. I got seen immediately, there was no waiting, and the nurse was very liberal with the morphine. They did all the things while I was asking everyone if they were married and getting all sentimental and crap.

I mentioned before that this all started after I fell off a had tried to prevent myself from falling by grabbing onto the swing with my right hand, causing me to fall on my left side. My right hand was all sorts of bruised but nothing broken or anything so I kind of forgot that it still looked like I got in a fight.
The ladies seemed concerned asking me what happened, if I felt safe, if someone was harming me...because I guess a 22 year old girl saying "I...fell off a swing...yeah..." sounds pretty shady. It's like a more creative version of "I ran into a door."
There were a lot of questions about my safety, and they had to write in their report where it happened and what time and date and it was weird... but I think they were satisfied when they realized that I'm the type of girl that falls off swings and tries ballet on her concrete roof. I have a really high pain tolerance so I really do avoid emergency rooms and doctors and never really know whether something is serious or not.
This was bad though. I honestly felt that maybe God had given me an extra faulty gallbladder on the left side as a prank.
They did a cat scan of everything to make sure my idiot self hadn't fucked up all of my internal organs with my shenanigans.
The culprit ended up being a kidney. Well...kidneys? The actual disease they gave me is "acute pyelonephritis", which I think sounds way more bad-ass than "kidney infection", so I'll go with that.
It really only hurts on the left though. Still, they found some infection that I guess had been running rampant that WHOLE TIME that I thought it was a bruised ribcage. FUCK. They gave me antibiotics there and fluids and shit, and of course I have to finish the antibiotics here. I also got painkillers, which I need if I want to do anything besides laying in the fetal position on my floor-bed all day. It's nice, I got the really good ones for the first week, then like normal ones for after that. I'm very happy with the treatment and service I received at the Scottsdale hospital, which is in stark contrast to how I was treated at the Tempe one last summer.Tempe was the reason I was avoiding hospitals and doctors. I was traumatized!
Anywho, sorry. This is long and whiney and I hate whining but I'm really good at it so...
I also wanted to update family so I don't have to talk to them on the phone. :P
Yeah, I'm an asshole.
In cooler news, I have an audition today! It's on Princess Blvd....I can't make this shit up.
So...pray for me, wish me luck, tell me to break a know...I would really appreciate it!
I also received good feedback for my audition tape that I sent for a real, actual, MOVIE!
So...there's that. Please, please, please, send positive energy my way because I really want to be in this movie. If I get the part I won't feel like I threw it all away for nothing, I won't feel like a failure, and you'll get to see my face on a big screen. Who doesn't want that? :P I will go to Texas to film. I will...shout with joy.
I will do...anything...Positive thoughts please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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