Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Fan Film Project- Phoenix Branch!


The Fan Film Project (TFFP) is working to assemble independent film makers from around the globe to create a new streaming Internet channel called The Independent Network (TIN). Formatted like a cable TV station, its content will be exclusive to the independent film community. 

This channel will run content 24/7, with a weekly programming guide, airing everything from short films and web series to feature-length film productions. 

Included will be new series featuring works from talent from around the world, as shorts are organized into episodes. For example, a yet-untitled comedy-variety show will feature unrelated comedic shorts in all forms, from stand up pieces and skits and animations. Other similar programs will feature works in other genres than comedy.

The goal of this station is to gather up independent film makers from small to large whose works deserve airing but have fallen through the cracks, and bring them together in a setting that will provide maximum exposure. 

TFFP is working to open up Branches in all cities in all countries around the world in a spirit of cooperation by being able to work together through file sharing, Skype communications, and other Internet resources to brainstorm and work on projects together. 

The types of projects TFFP are working on include science fiction, action-adventure, horror, and comedy shorts, along with works based on anime and video games, in formats ranging from web series to full length feature films.

Currently in development are Doctor Who 2.0 Origins, a film based on the popular BBC television program Doctor Who; Cereal Killer Z, a comedy-thriller zombie movie; and other movies and series. 

Kirk Johnson, founder of TFFP, says, “This streaming television station is the next step in the evolution of the entertainment industry, as the lines between televisions and computers blend together.”

“We already see a fair number of people watching Internet programing off of the internet,” he continues, “through the network connection in their televisions to small cheap devices you can now purchase, hooking your computer to your television for Internet viewing of things like Netflix and other services.”

“What will make this so attractive to the viewer is that this programing will be available on their computers and hand held devices with never before seen before programing,” he adds. “Plus, if they have a Branch open in their area the opportunity to become a part of what is being aired is there.”

To see if there is a branch open near you and see what projects are underway, along with management and other opportunities, go to !

Romina would like to add: I am the Phoenix office Branch Manager!!! I am looking for a place to host the first meeting and I am open to suggestions. If you are interested in being a part of this project, please contact me. Everyone is welcome at the meetings, especially those of you with interest or experience in set-design, sound production, performing, make-up, bribery, music, film, and theater. My contact information should be up on the official website soon. I can't wait to get started! <3

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