Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunrise Sunday

If one year ago you told me what my life would be like right now, I would have had you committed to an insane asylum. It would go something like this:
You: "A year from now, you're going to sell cars, and you're going to be really fucking good at it. On your days off you are going to model and be happy with your body. You are going to live in Phoenix with someone you don't even know exists yet. When he walks into your life, you'll know what I'm talking about. He's going to treat you like a fucking princess 24/7. Oh, and your new friends? Oh my God. Just wait until you meet your friends. They would jump into a volcano for you if you asked them to."
Me: ::dials 911:: "Operator? Yes, I have a raving lunatic at my house. They are talking crazy. Send help."

It's funny how life changes...very slowly, and then all at once.

Here's a sneak peak of my last modeling shoot with Duane Furlong! 

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